Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


daDdY sAys iT's wAy tOO loNG siNce wE posTed somEthinG on tHe bLog.

siNce HowLoWeEn, i HavE floWn tO tExAS on A pLanE.

sUndaY waS my oNe YeaR birtHdaY aNd wE haD a PupPy bIrtHaY pArTY wIth siSter JolEne, bRotHerS MiLo anD bUsTeR, aNd mY yOrkiE fRienD giZMO anD hiS sIsteR miSO tHe cHihuAhUa. iT wAs fUn, buT iT maDe mE tiREd pLayINg sO mucH!

tHiS iS thE coVeR sHot of a rEcenT iNteRvieW i gAve tO hOLa mAgaZinE.

lIvEr tReAtS aRe tEh bEsteST!

Friday, November 16, 2007


BOO! dOn'T be scArEd--iT's jUsT oLiveR.

dAddY didN't wAnt tO wEaR a coStuMe on hOWlowEen thIs yeAr, so hE dRessEd mE up aS bArkenSteIn inSteAd.

we ScAred soMe pEople, bUt nO pUppiEs wEre scAred beCauSe tHey coUlD tEll bY my sMeLL thAt i wAs nOt a sCarY mONsteR.

uNcLe wIlliaM tOOk thIs phOto oF me lOOkinG exTra spooKy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tHe pUPerazZi

sO tHerE we ArE, mE anD dAddY on a sAturdAy morNinG, wAlkiNg doWn thE strEeT. dAddY sHouLd haVe wasHed his HaiR, buT i don'T minD. i LikE tO cheW on daDdy'S hAir wHetHer it'S dirTy or Clean--plUs he doeSn'T minD sO muCh if I cHew iT wHen he tHinKs it looKs baD anyWay.

bESideS, we'Re juSt goInG to tHe coRneR sTore whEre unCle fReD wiLL givE me a tReaT, anD maYbe thE vidEo sTorE wheRe i miGht geT a bisCuiT. nO neEd to loOk ouR beSt. wHo will sEe us anD maKe daDdy feeL all ugLy anD emBaraSsed whEn we ArE jUst waLkinG in thE neIghboRhood?

thE pUpeRazZi, tHaT's wHo! tHeY'rE eVerYwheRe! i Don'T mInD beCauSe i gRooM mySelF rEally carefulLy, buT daDdy saId he doEsn'T evEn looK in tHe mirroR eVery dAy sinCe he got Me. (I don'T knOw whAt a miRror is yeT, buT i heaR daDdy taLk abouT "the miRror" whEn he'S comPlaininG abouT hiS haiR.) pLuslY, i gEt a LoT moRe slEep thAn dadDy doEs 'cAusE i'm sTilL a pUppY.

aNyWay, tHiS timE thE pUperaZzi wEre twO niCe, pRettY auNties naMeD loUrdEs and suSana. tHey sNapPed a pHoto wHile I waS yawniNg, tHen theY weRe so NicE they senT it tO mY eMaiL aCcouNt anD we goT it oN mOndAy!

wHen we Got iT, i ShoWed it tO daDdY and hE saId, "oH, oLiveR, I looK tErriBLe, buT yoU loOk adOraBLe!" i diDn'T wanT daDdy to fEel saD, so I gavE him wAggiEs... tHey aLwaYs makE hiM feEl betteR; i cAn tElL.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

aRe yoU tHinKinG abouT our FuTUre, DaDDy?

a FeW daYs aGO, dAdDy was BuSY stuFFinG my KONG toYS with kiBBle and tReats. I wAs waitinG for dAdDY on the coUch and thEn i sTarteD reAding wHat dAddy haD broUGht in fRom ofF the flOor jUst on the oTheR side oF the doOR frOm whEre I pOoP. [i'M tiRed of tYpinG so dAddY's goNna helP me noW.]

Anyway, it was a magazine all about investing. It seemed important, but I couldn't understand what it was about, so I asked Daddy when he came back from the kitchen. He said investing is saving your money (like kibble for people) for the future. I asked him if we're saving money for our future.

Daddy said of course we are. He said that reminded him that we needed to call the vet so I can get some more booster shots. After he found out about the shots, he said the vet recommended that we get pet insurance. Boy, things are so complicated for people.

Daddy says now he will pay fifty dollars a month to some people, and when we need to go to the vet, they'll help us to pay for the shots. Daddy's smart and he loves me very much.

I don't remember what the shots have to do with the article I was reading about investing, but I'm going to have a nap now anyway.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wHen my Puppy-DAddY wAs sMall

tHis is my pUppy-dADdY wHen he wAs sMall. My pApi DEsi gOt him a carrying case for WALkies that looks like what DaDDy says is a bowling bag. {DadDY said he Should type now 'cause I CAn't spELl too good yet.]

My puppy-daddy's name is Teo. My Daddy is Teo's favorite human except for my Papi Desi and my Paw Jay. When I first went back home to visit Teo-Daddy and my Mommy Tallulah, Teo-Daddy pulled me aside. He said he wanted to be sure I was doing okay in my new house. I told him I like my Daddy a whole lot. He said I could come back home if I ever felt like Daddy didn't take good care of me.

But my Daddy takes such good care of me. We go walkies all the time. He's teaching me where to pee and poo. We play together a lot and it's so much fun. Daddy gives me Kong Toys stuffed with liver treats and smeared with Macadamia Butter! That's so good. And every time I eat some lint or some paper, Daddy pulls it off my mouth and says I should only eat my puppy food. Daddy takes me to work with him and also to see his friends. He sings to me and is teaching me how to dance. I like the song "Tambourine" by Eve the best because Daddy says we shake our tambourines. I asked him if that's like waggies and he said yes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

hEllo woRld

(Photo Editing: Nicole Hanusek)
Hello, everybody. My name is Oliver, but you can also call me Olly. I'm a chihuahua puppy who is ten weeks old. I love my daddy, my uncle Jerry, my first daddies Desi and Jay, liver treats, carrots with peanut butter, kong toys, the Indigo Girls, and drinking water from a shot glass on Daddy's lap. I also love my Auntie Leah and my uncles Nathan and Kris. I love my Papaw Terry and my Mema Colleen.

And liver treats.

Oh, and CHEEZBURGERS that squeak!